"Green Dog Svalbard AS is a family owned business,located on the northernmost Island of Norway, Svalbard ,in Bolterdalen, a valley just outside (10 km) the main town Longyearbyen. We have more than 15 years of combined experience in dogsled tourism derived from The Elite Military Sled Patrol - Sirius, Greenland and Svalbard.Our dog team consisting of Greenland Dogs also known as Greenland Huskies and a mix between Huskies and Greenland Dogs is a lively, strong and healthy pack. Each year between 10 and 15 puppies are born at Green Dog, and we are more than happy to let our visitors enjoy the fun these newcomers bring to the family up close!

Green Dog is -with our close to 130 sled dogs- the biggest dog yard at Svalbard and the good sledding conditions, the variated valleys and the high arctic nature offers perfect conditions for the dogs to display in the right surroundings.

Green Dog offers trips with huskies summer and winter, from 3 hours up to 3 weeks. We are always happy to comply with your personal wishes for trip design.

On all trips, our guests have the possibility of participating at the level they feel comfortable with. Whether you want to be hands on in all the steps of dog sledding (handling the dogs, setting up the sled and driving your own sled!) or you just want to sit back and enjoy the scenery. These are all options that are part of our commitment to tailoring the perfect adventure vacation for you.

There are many destinations for sled trips in the varied valleys of this uniquely beautiful and vast arctic landscape. We also offer the unique experience of visiting a rare ice cave as a stop on a sled trip. The still standing air in the cave gives the ice perfect conditions to form fantastic shapes and beautiful colors.

For those who wish to become more familiar with the vastness of Svalbard’s exuberant arctic nature and the art of dog sledding, Green Dogs longer and more physically demanding sled trips is a unique way to gain in site to this world.

Expedition Support: We are very flexible and happy to discuss and compliment your needs, be it renting dogs for a polar bear guard, luggage transport or guide support to navigate you safely through to your goal.

At Green Dog safety is our number one priority. Together with our commitment to protect and our respect for the nature of 78 Degrees North, we look forward to giving you the best arctic nature experience for many years to come.